Urban Tranquility

Urban Tranquility

The hardest part about fitness is showing up…after that it’s just fun! As an Exercise Scientist, fitness instructor, trainer, and new mom I see the benefits of exercise everyday in my research, in my clients and athletes, as well as my family; however I have become increasingly frustrated at how our society views fitness and beauty, as well as the negative impact that it can have on our psyche. Beauty radiates from the inside out…so why do we stress over the outside without thinking of what’s going on inside?! I'm a huge science geek...but luckily exercise physiology is a sexy science so I'm cool with that. 

I’m here to share positive fitness advice that works! We need to fall back in love with the skin we are in. It is my goal to help my clients, patients, & students achieve a modern, happy & healthy urban lifestyle. So join me in my healthy fitness/wellness revolution and let beauty reign... #ExerciseYourBeauty

My Mission

If you want it, make it happen! I am a firm believer in the fact that if you want to make a change, you are 100% capable of doing so. My aim is to deliver sound, scientific information to make you stronger & overall more healthy. The journey starts small and evolves into something unimaginable! 


My Story

Most people call me crazy...I call it passion. I have many hats and each serves my soul. Hat one, I guess is really a coat…a lab coat. I am an Exercise Scientist with a Ph.D. from UMass Boston. My dissertation work was in big data analyzing the relationships between health outcomes (bone health), body composition (yes, muscle and fat) and physical activity. I work in labs doing exercise research (sweaty, amazingly fun research). My overarching interests are in human performance (bigger, faster, stronger) and injury prevention. Hat two…I’m an educator. I lecture at Simmons University currently but each time I get in front of people I add an element of teaching. In the studios you will always get a great, sweaty experience with a dash of science (feel that muscle?! Ya now use it!) Hat three is athlete and mama: My husband and I have a great partnership when it comes to each of us sneaking in a workout amongst the chaos of parenthood. You take this kiddo out for a run and I will take this kiddo afterward, or you grab that class and I’ll lift later, or whoa the kids are asleep let’s do some Pilates Before pouring the wine haha. We have two amazing kiddos and I am grateful for my little family each and every day. It is what drives me to want to be better and do better.

That is my beautiful, scientific mess of a life and I’m happy to be living it. Join my for the chaos, stay for the science.

Self published a book titled Dorm Workout, which is now also available on iTunes! #ScienceIsSexy