Urban Tranquility 

Urban Tranquility 

The hardest part about fitness is showing up…after that it’s just fun! As a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Science PhD Candidate, and new mom I see the benefits of exercise everyday in the research, in my patients and personal clients, as well as my family; however I have become increasingly frustrated at how our society views fitness and beauty, as well as the negative impact that it can have on our psyche. Beauty radiates from the inside out…so why do we stress over the outside without thinking of what’s going on inside?! I'm a huge science geek...but luckily exercise physiology is a sexy science so I'm cool with that. 

I’m here to share positive fitness advice that works! We need to fall back in love with the skin we are in. It is my goal to help my clients, patients, & students achieve a modern, happy & healthy urban lifestyle. So join me in my healthy fitness/wellness revolution and let beauty reign... #ExerciseYourBeauty

My Mission

If you want it, make it happen! Fitness is not a complicated, complex equation, where if we make one small mistake the end result will never come out right. I believe that if you want to make a change, you are 100% capable of doing so & I am here to provide you with the knowledge, the confidence, and the push to fall back in love with the skin you are in. The journey starts small and evolves into something unimaginable! 


My Story

Most people call me crazy...I call it passion. I am a person with many hats: I currently pursuing my doctoral degree in Exercise Science concentrating on the effects of physical activity on bone health, especially in young adults. To off-set the cost of school I am a TA at UMass Boston, clinical part-time professor Simmons College, I am blessed to train some of the best Bostonians directly out of their homes, and teach yoga, Pilates and Spin in a variety of studios in the city. Until recently I was working clinically at Boston Medical Center, however you do need to know when to say enough is enough. I do try to keep my clinical skills sharp by volunteering at Dana Farber though. Yet, my most rewarding position is that of Mama to a beautiful baby boy, Aidan Quinn Garvey. He has taught me more about living positively than I ever could have without him. 

I taught my first group exercise class when I was 17, when my mum asked me how class went I told her, "If I could do that for the rest of my life I would be the happiest person." She of course responded with "Dear Mother of God go to college"...and I did, but I never lost that joy of sharing fitness tips & tricks. I studied Physical Therapy and graduated with my bachelors from Quinnipiac University (Go Bobcats) then took some time off to decide where I belonged in the world. Self published a book titled Dorm Workout, which is now also available on iTunes! During this time I discovered Boston & have been a very happy transplant since 2007. I graduated from Northeastern University with my Masters Degree in Exercise Science/Clinical Exercise Physiology. I was primarily working clinically until this fall when I was given an opportunity I could not refuse & embarked into the world of full time adjunct professorship, as a PhD Candidate I can practically taste my degree. Nothing is more exciting to me than researching how people can benefit from regular exercise, especially Pilates & yoga routine! 

I get to teach the #Science behind movement, then I get to turn around and teach movement itself! Sharing with my students in the classroom about why the body responds the way it does, then getting to inspire my students in the studio as they start to see the results from the movement & hard work gets me geekily excited! #ScienceIsSexy