Strong is the New Black

Mantra for today: I am beautiful and it is from that beauty that I find  my source of strength  

If I hear it one more time I may scream, “I don’t really want to do a lot of heavy weight because I do not want to bulk up.” Ladies, you may think that doing hill work in spin class is making your jeans tight or those squats are going to give you huge muscular thighs...we just do not have the hormone composition to build muscles as big as the boys. I also guarantee you that if you went up to the most muscular man in the gym and ask him how he built up his size he is NOT going to say Meg’s spin class!

Long, lean, feminine physiques start on the inside and shine their way out. We need strength, running all over the place doing a million and one things, and of course getting it all done without breaking a sweat takes training and talent.

Q: My favorite tool?

A: The BOSU ball. It is the perfect combination of balance, posture, and strength. Make sure that when you do squats as shown here knees stay behind toes (ps-Stacey looks awesome!)

Not just for leg work, get a nice strong core with a BOSU plank. To add some upper body strength try injecting 8 push-ups between 10 second holds. Run through 3 times without breaking and you have the perfect toning exercise!


Harness that inner beauty and fuel your workouts with strength, power, and grace.


Enjoy :)

Photo Source: Jackie Rachdorf of J. Harper Photography