Don’t Stop the Party!


Thanksgiving is only three days away and to make sure you won’t regret taking that second piece of pie, heres a spinning workout to keep your heart rate and metabolism up. It’s called Don’t Stop the Party for a reason! Also listed is a treadmill adaptation for those of you who do not have access to a spin bike. Try it both ways and let us know which you enjoyed more or which was harder!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from XYB!

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New is Happening :)

I always consider Fall to be the start of the new year. The weather changes, school is in session, and things start to rev up! So here's the thing...I wear a lot of hats (not literally, although I do enjoy a good fedora) I'm an adjunct professor in Exercise Physiology at not one, but three universities in Boston, I use to work clinically but something in my schedule had to give, I still have private clients that range from extreme athletes to people with chronic illnesses, then to top it off I'm at some of the most inviting studios in Boston for yoga, Pilates, and spin.  Enter mouth drop here. It's not as crazy as it seems, it all works seamlessly and hopefully I will be able to give you more of a taste of it on this blog :) 232 brainy and muscular...I got it :) Let's give you a little challenge to get you through the long weekend!


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Hi there! Here we go with the workouts for this week! The videos are available for you in your email, however if you have not received that please email me back and I will send it right away! Here are your cardio playlists!! I did these on the treadmill and OH BOY!! they are great!! As always tweet me or FB post when you are done with your workouts!

FYI: as always go at your own pace, especially when on the treadmill you can be walking and a "sprint" is anything faster than your base speed. So whether that base speed is 2.5 or 7.0 your sprint is just faster than that. And do not be surprised if your sprints at the end of the workout are slower, its all about getting through the workout so if you need to have a chill song, do it :)

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