XYB has an intern! Meet Nicole! <3

Hello everyone! My name is Nicole and I am currently a senior at Simmons College studying Exercise Science. Ultimately my goal is to become a physical therapist but my heart is rooted in health and exercise.  All I pretty much need is a treadmill or an open road and I’m a happy camper, although I’m pretty much up for anything new.  I joined on as an intern for XYB in September and hope to entertain you all with my blog posts throughout the upcoming months. I was drawn to XYB because of the positive message that they’re sending to people.  I for one am not a size 2 nor will ever be a size 2, I have flabby triceps, and my thighs are always going to touch but hey what’s a girl do?  I wasn’t always happy with my body growing up but as I’ve gotten older I can honestly say that I’ve grown far more confident and comfortable in my own skin.  I found that my confidence came from acceptance rather than fitting into a certain size.

Keep an eye out for skinny cocktails, week and month long workout challenges and much more in the upcoming weeks.