Don’t Stop the Party!


Thanksgiving is only three days away and to make sure you won’t regret taking that second piece of pie, heres a spinning workout to keep your heart rate and metabolism up. It’s called Don’t Stop the Party for a reason! Also listed is a treadmill adaptation for those of you who do not have access to a spin bike. Try it both ways and let us know which you enjoyed more or which was harder!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from XYB!

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Getting ready for the holiday season!

ImageThis weeks workout is called Get Movin’, it’s a spinning workout but don’t worry for those of you who don’t have access to a bike because theres a adaptation for the treadmill as well!  This workout will help to increase your metabolism so you can enjoy that extra piece of pumpkin pie come Thanksgiving. A few quick tips to keep in mind:

  1. Mindfulness: whether you’re eating a main meal or stopping to have a snack, remember to indulge yourself once in a while just in moderation
  2. Exercise habits: pick workouts to increase metabolism for example cardio intervals

Here's a playlist with a few of the songs mentioned above so you can get a feel for the kind of workout you're going to have!

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Fitness Life Goal #51

0001Hb Every time I set out to do my own workout, I want it to be epic! I try to have something to motivate me into doing just one more set or holding something for just a lil bit longer. The other day I was motivated by athleticism, so after I taught Spin I did the following:

Leg Press

Barbell bicep curls --> upright rows --> back rows

Single Leg dead lifts

Tricep push ups

30 sec Side plank --> rear delt kettle bell lift in side plank

I did this circuit three times through, quickly, at 10-12 reps per exercise. Got my heart rate up due to no/little breaks and it felt so sweet when it was over...and best of all? It was over in 15 minutes!!  Give it a shot!!


Happy Weekend!


Boston Sports Workout!

slide finalThis weeks workout is inspired by our wonderful Bostonian sports teams! In light of the Red Sox making it to the World Series (woo!) and the Bruins starting off the season strong, these exercises will help change up your workout while rooting for your favorite teams and don’t think we forgot about football and basketball.  Although the Patriots have been “fumbling” a bit we have an exercise that will whip em’ back into shape and even though the basketball season hasn’t officially started we threw some exercises in for you Celtics fans as well! Baseball:  Sprints

  1. Start by warming up.
  2. Complete a 50 meter sprint
  3. Rest for 30-45 seconds
  4. Repeat 10 times

Football: High step-Plank-High step

  1. Start by facing a step or bench with both feet on the ground
  2. Step onto the step or bench one foot at a time
  3. Step off of step or bench one foot at a time and get into plank position
  4. Hold plank for 30-60 seconds (depending on ability)
  5. Repeat 10-15 times

For a more advanced version hold the opposite leg (not being used to step onto bench) at a 90 degree angle for 10-15 seconds then step back down.


Hockey: Lunge Slides (with towels)

  1. On a smooth surface start standing with feet shoulders width apart and a towel or cloth under one of your feet
  2. Slowly slide your foot back until you are in a lunge position
  3. Slowly slide your foot forward until you are in starting position
  4. Repeat 10 times and don’t forget about the opposite leg


Basketball: Shooting hoops

  1. Start facing a wall (approximately 5 feet away)
  2. With a medicine ball (using a weight you feel comfortable with) bounce the ball off the wall as if you were shooting  a basket
  3. Catch the ball off the “rebound”
  4. Repeat 15 times

Feel free to get creative with these exercises using weights or whatever else you can think of! It’s all about what you feel comfortable with.  Have fun and go Boston!

XYB has an intern! Meet Nicole! <3

Hello everyone! My name is Nicole and I am currently a senior at Simmons College studying Exercise Science. Ultimately my goal is to become a physical therapist but my heart is rooted in health and exercise.  All I pretty much need is a treadmill or an open road and I’m a happy camper, although I’m pretty much up for anything new.  I joined on as an intern for XYB in September and hope to entertain you all with my blog posts throughout the upcoming months. I was drawn to XYB because of the positive message that they’re sending to people.  I for one am not a size 2 nor will ever be a size 2, I have flabby triceps, and my thighs are always going to touch but hey what’s a girl do?  I wasn’t always happy with my body growing up but as I’ve gotten older I can honestly say that I’ve grown far more confident and comfortable in my own skin.  I found that my confidence came from acceptance rather than fitting into a certain size.

Keep an eye out for skinny cocktails, week and month long workout challenges and much more in the upcoming weeks.

New is Happening :)

I always consider Fall to be the start of the new year. The weather changes, school is in session, and things start to rev up! So here's the thing...I wear a lot of hats (not literally, although I do enjoy a good fedora) I'm an adjunct professor in Exercise Physiology at not one, but three universities in Boston, I use to work clinically but something in my schedule had to give, I still have private clients that range from extreme athletes to people with chronic illnesses, then to top it off I'm at some of the most inviting studios in Boston for yoga, Pilates, and spin.  Enter mouth drop here. It's not as crazy as it seems, it all works seamlessly and hopefully I will be able to give you more of a taste of it on this blog :) 232 brainy and muscular...I got it :) Let's give you a little challenge to get you through the long weekend!


Fitness Challenge! Get password on XYB's full website, sign up now!

Hi there! Here we go with the workouts for this week! The videos are available for you in your email, however if you have not received that please email me back and I will send it right away! Here are your cardio playlists!! I did these on the treadmill and OH BOY!! they are great!! As always tweet me or FB post when you are done with your workouts!

FYI: as always go at your own pace, especially when on the treadmill you can be walking and a "sprint" is anything faster than your base speed. So whether that base speed is 2.5 or 7.0 your sprint is just faster than that. And do not be surprised if your sprints at the end of the workout are slower, its all about getting through the workout so if you need to have a chill song, do it :)

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Virtual Studio!

It is finally here!! Exercise Your Beauty's virtual studio is up and running! There is a limited schedule to start but I would love feedback and class time suggestions from you! Check it out and sign up for a class. Better yet, take a class on me...type in TryIt! into the promo code and get your first class free.



Not just for Mommies

This workout is not just for can be done at any time, but it does keep working out with a little one in mind :) Ok, my cousin asked me FOREVER ago for a workout for new moms wanting to get back into shape. Of course I said, “Absolutely it will be up next week!” That was totally 3 weeks ago. Even though I am pre&post natal certified I realized that because we do not have a little one running around a “new mom” workout needed a bit more research. So I have been working with some friends and clients to help this one along.

If you have a baby, baby you can actually get the child involved with this workout, if not nap time is a perfect time to get in a quick workout! Short of kidnapping my nephew, who would totally be a bit too big for this workout, I had to use another prop:

Baby Roll Ups

Starting on your back engage through your core to gently roll all the way up. At the very top remembering to reach the hands skyward to elongate the back. Once you are up there, tuck through the tailbone and roll back downwards to the starting point, moving slowly as if each of your vertebrae could move on it’s own.

Hello Baby Plank

This is inspired from the beautiful mobiles that we place over baby to engage them, but what is more engaging and beautiful than their mother?! Placing baby down on his/her back and hold plank...yes it is that simple! If you want to get creative “kissing push-ups” are a great way to play and connect with your little one, it also gives you an incentive to go a bit closer to the floor than you may be use to. Please feel free to do those on your knees.

Not So “New-Mommy” Thighs

Many of my clients just want to jump back into their pre-preggo bodies, but as we learned it took time to get there to start off with and it will again, however we can have a little fun while doing it. In a session with a client her daughter crawled over to play and she now actually tells me that on a semi-daily basis she will do this exercise to get a bit of toning in. (Shown being done while playing with baby as well as maybe a naptime version with using weights for an extra boost.)

I hope this helped and I will continue to play around with ideas for all the new mommies out there!! Congrats and enjoy!!!

Strong is the New Black

Mantra for today: I am beautiful and it is from that beauty that I find  my source of strength  

If I hear it one more time I may scream, “I don’t really want to do a lot of heavy weight because I do not want to bulk up.” Ladies, you may think that doing hill work in spin class is making your jeans tight or those squats are going to give you huge muscular thighs...we just do not have the hormone composition to build muscles as big as the boys. I also guarantee you that if you went up to the most muscular man in the gym and ask him how he built up his size he is NOT going to say Meg’s spin class!

Long, lean, feminine physiques start on the inside and shine their way out. We need strength, running all over the place doing a million and one things, and of course getting it all done without breaking a sweat takes training and talent.

Q: My favorite tool?

A: The BOSU ball. It is the perfect combination of balance, posture, and strength. Make sure that when you do squats as shown here knees stay behind toes (ps-Stacey looks awesome!)

Not just for leg work, get a nice strong core with a BOSU plank. To add some upper body strength try injecting 8 push-ups between 10 second holds. Run through 3 times without breaking and you have the perfect toning exercise!


Harness that inner beauty and fuel your workouts with strength, power, and grace.


Enjoy :)

Photo Source: Jackie Rachdorf of J. Harper Photography