Greek Yogurt Mini Pops

Believe it or not...I have a wicked sweet tooth. These are the perfect solution! Greek Yogurt mini pops!

Introducing: Greek Yogurt Mini Pops!

         I do have a wicked sweet tooth, I mainly keep it under wraps but I will not deny my lack of willpower at times...awful right?!

         Ok these lil guys are PERFECT! I took blueberries and cut up a strawberry, put them in an ice cube tray and voila! Great little bite sized frozen dessert that is not going to send you on a guilt trip.


I used about 1 tsp of french vanilla Greek Yogurt in each cube with both a strawberry piece and a blueberry. Want to guess what the calories came out to be per cube?!



3.5 Calories!!!


Yup. And they are nice and chilly so they are great during the summer! Holy Moley I am in love!


Enjoy XYB’ers :)