A Bit of Hill Work

My sneaks were just looking so lonely & my mind was just so jam packed full of ideas/worries/other craziness that I had to give in to my run today...     So my brain was getting in the way of everything that I was trying to accomplish today. I looked into the other room and saw my sneakers just chillin’ by the door, and I thought, “Yup, a run looks pretty awesome right now.” I literally dropped everything put them on and went for a run (OK I hate actually admitting that 90% of the time I am dressed in workout clothes...however this most certainly was one of those times so no wardrobe change was necessary).

In my spin class hills are king and that is no different when I go out for my runs. I dunno, maybe it is because I grew up in Vermont, maybe not, but whatever the reason I seek them out. There is something about the grit needed to get up them and the overwhelming sense of accomplishment when you get to the top. Not to mention, come on they are GREAT for toning glutes and thighs...oh and calves...OK they are awesome for your legs in general. But just like in life, they take work and determination to climb and sometimes at the top you are given a great view from up there. 

This is the View from the bottom...doesn't look that bad from here

The View is always found at the top of the hill...not the bottom :)

The next time you are out running, do not avoid the hills, embrace them! I like doing a block loop when I find one that I really like, try attacking the hill 4 times (aka 4 times around the block), each time with a new sense of determination and power.


Round 1- getting the lay of the land...just run straight up the hill, fast or slow it is a great way to get acquainted and respect it

Round 2- walking lunges...seriously do you know how many walking lunges it took me to up this one?!?! It may take MUCH longer to get up the hill but think of it as a “stop and smell the roses” type of thing

Round 3- side shuffles: half way up looking one way and half way up facing the other. Great for the abductors as well as the adductors (inner and outer thighs)

Round 4- SPRINT! Especially after the first three rounds your “sprint”may not be a speedy as you would want to go but feels great!


No matter how badly your day has been up until that point it is all about the feeling you get when you reach the top! Refreshed, Empowered, Renewed!


Enjoy! The Sky is the Limit!