Tone in the Sun

Sometimes you only have time for a quick workout in the morning before your crazy day starts, well why not make the best of it! Get a great upper & lower body tone with this quickie outside workout :) Start with a low or dolphin plank on your elbows: hold for 30 seconds

Ok, now swivel the hips to dip first to the right then to the left. FYI: do this as slowly as you can!!!! You get more tone the more controlled this is, do not rely on momentum! Pause in the middle each time!

For the final punch on the abs and upper body: Oblique lifts. Get into a side plank (can be done with the bottom leg bent & knee on the ground), take your top hand and place it on bottom wrist, then lift & lower the hips 10x on each side.

 Ok so now onto the lower body portion of our quickie morning workout. I love bridges and these pack an extra punch!! Find a bench/chair/whatever and feel the burn! 10 reps of a traditional elevated bridge, make sure to dig your heels in and lift through the glutes.

Either do 3 more sets exactly like that OR...cross one ankle over the opposite knee. Doing 10 reps with each leg.

Quick, easy, now get on with your day!