Table vs Couch

When what to eat for dinner is not the main topic of discussion... it then progresses to where to eat it! Ok you so made a bangin’ healthy meal... but where do you eat it? I get it, Beantown apartments are tiny and you are lucky if you have space for a dining area. Bringing attention to the food that we are eating helps to prevent mindless eating. Watching the season finale and all of sudden you look down and your meal is gone. Hmmm, maybe I am still hungry...sound familiar?

Try at least one meal a week without being on the couch, or if the coffee table is your only option, try to make it the best dinning experience as you can. No T.V., maybe candles, just talking and connecting with the people you live with.

Making your space inviting is the perfect way to help gravitate you towards the table. Make it funky and make it you. This is a hand-me-down old table & we set to jazz it up with mix-matched chairs. The original light fixture left much to be desired and as tight of a budget as we were on, I just refinished them.

Make it you & you will want to enjoy it :)    Cheers!