With a Twist!

When I first moved back to Boston I was bar-tending (okay I was a waitress who occasionally tended bar haha). One night my roommates came in and everything they order came "with a twist!" I do not know what made me remember this the other day...but I figured why stop with cocktails...let's twist up your push-ups!!


Start in plank, draw opposite knee to opposite elbow, extend the leg (this is intense & totally feel free to stick with just this) with the leg extended add your push up and return to the starting plank position. I like to alternate sides each rep.

Rock it & tone your abs & arms at the same time!!

Pilates: Not Just for Chicks!

It never fails, I go in to teach my Pilates Fusion class on Wednesday night and I have a room packed full of women and only one or maybe two guys tucked into the corner. I was actually pumped last night because the same few guys have been coming week after week and have started to bring friends.  (sweet! you guys rock!) They are in the know because News Flash!  Pilates is NOT just for women!  One of my regulars is floored about how many men are not taking the class.  His theory is that he gets an amazing full-body workout, especially core work, he leaves drenched and raves about it to his friends, but there is a stigma about guys entering the fitness studio.  Boys get with it! This is the ultimate core workout! DeMarcus Ware, had himself a night last night in the NFL opener. (Yes, not only am I a huge football fan, I am currently ahead of my husband in our fantasy football matchup for the week). He's the outside linebacker of the Dallas Cowboys and can be counted as one of the strongest in the NFL.  His stats for the 2011 season include 19.5 sacks and 58 tackles.  And he made another sack last night, starting the new season off right. His secret?  Pilates. “Power is nothing without a rock-solid core. Pilates is the key to activating it,” he said in an interview with Maxim. “Guys, don’t be fooled just ‘cause women do it. It’s no joke. Try it and you’ll find out real quick.”  And he is not the only pro-athlete to have unlocked this “secret:” World Series champion Curt Schilling, NBA stars Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd, as well as budding NBA star little Wynn Ryder (Ray Allen’s son) are just some of the few who incorporate Pilates into their routines.


So guys, the next time you are at the gym, check out the group exercise schedule and taste test this thing called “Pilates” I guarantee it will change your workout routine for the better! Or better yet, I teach live classes online. Let's get into the football season!

Check out the full interview with DeMarcus Ware here.

Quick Outdoor Workout!

Getting out and enjoying the sun! Let's do this! Start off in dolphin plank to start to heat up the core...try holding for a full 30 seconds (if not take it in mini-chunks of time) Getting into the obliques take small dips from side to side with the hips. 10 reps to either side...remember slower is better make sure to avoid momentum!

Totally finish off you love handles: get into a side plank, then take your top hand and place it on your bottom wrist, lift and lower the hips 10 times before repeating it on the other side.

Enjoy the results!!! <3