Yummy Bites

think finger food, a yummy way to enjoy your favorite treats and keep the serving sizes low!  So I was first introduced to this recipe by a friend of mine via The Sweets Life yet I decided to make it my own and have a little fun with it.

What you need:

Package of Strawberries

8 oz of fat free cream cheese (trying to be healthy here kids)

3 tbsp powder sugar

1 tsp of vanilla extract (I added 1 tsp of Kallua as well, made it a little easier to work with as well as giving it a great taste)

1 graham cracker (put it in a bag and crumb it)

First comes hallowing out the strawberries...I don’t care what other blogs tell you it is a breeze, I consider myself pretty domesticated but come on! This is the most time consuming part of the whole thing so have no fear, eyes on the prize, and once you finish that you are half way home! Ps- make sure to cut the bottoms as well so they stand on their own.

Make the filling, add cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla extract and liqueur to taste, spoon the filling into a plastic bag, cut a small hole in a corner and you are set to start filling the strawberries!

One by one fill the berries, really do not need a lot and dip them in the graham cracker crumbs to lightly cover the top (less is more kind of thing).

Enjoy!!! The perfect Summer BBQ healthy treat to bring!

I also made them in raspberry form, much easier because I did not waste a bunch of time cursing at the task of hallowing them out, however they do not stand on their own. Not really a big deal, I actually found them to be more yummy that way.