With a Twist!

When I first moved back to Boston I was bar-tending (okay I was a waitress who occasionally tended bar haha). One night my roommates came in and everything they order came "with a twist!" I do not know what made me remember this the other day...but I figured why stop with cocktails...let's twist up your push-ups!!


Start in plank, draw opposite knee to opposite elbow, extend the leg (this is intense & totally feel free to stick with just this) with the leg extended add your push up and return to the starting plank position. I like to alternate sides each rep.

Rock it & tone your abs & arms at the same time!!

Pilates: Not Just for Chicks!

It never fails, I go in to teach my Pilates Fusion class on Wednesday night and I have a room packed full of women and only one or maybe two guys tucked into the corner. I was actually pumped last night because the same few guys have been coming week after week and have started to bring friends.  (sweet! you guys rock!) They are in the know because News Flash!  Pilates is NOT just for women!  One of my regulars is floored about how many men are not taking the class.  His theory is that he gets an amazing full-body workout, especially core work, he leaves drenched and raves about it to his friends, but there is a stigma about guys entering the fitness studio.  Boys get with it! This is the ultimate core workout! DeMarcus Ware, had himself a night last night in the NFL opener. (Yes, not only am I a huge football fan, I am currently ahead of my husband in our fantasy football matchup for the week). He's the outside linebacker of the Dallas Cowboys and can be counted as one of the strongest in the NFL.  His stats for the 2011 season include 19.5 sacks and 58 tackles.  And he made another sack last night, starting the new season off right. His secret?  Pilates. “Power is nothing without a rock-solid core. Pilates is the key to activating it,” he said in an interview with Maxim. “Guys, don’t be fooled just ‘cause women do it. It’s no joke. Try it and you’ll find out real quick.”  And he is not the only pro-athlete to have unlocked this “secret:” World Series champion Curt Schilling, NBA stars Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd, as well as budding NBA star little Wynn Ryder (Ray Allen’s son) are just some of the few who incorporate Pilates into their routines.


So guys, the next time you are at the gym, check out the group exercise schedule and taste test this thing called “Pilates” I guarantee it will change your workout routine for the better! Or better yet, I teach live classes online. Let's get into the football season!

Check out the full interview with DeMarcus Ware here.

Quick Outdoor Workout!

Getting out and enjoying the sun! Let's do this! Start off in dolphin plank to start to heat up the core...try holding for a full 30 seconds (if not take it in mini-chunks of time) Getting into the obliques take small dips from side to side with the hips. 10 reps to either side...remember slower is better make sure to avoid momentum!

Totally finish off you love handles: get into a side plank, then take your top hand and place it on your bottom wrist, lift and lower the hips 10 times before repeating it on the other side.

Enjoy the results!!! <3


Beach Ready Arms

Tones, strong arms not only give you confidence that you look good in your bathing suit...but weird, they are oh so functional :) Nothing goes better with that new bathing suit than sexy confidence & toned upper body. This is one of my favorite quickie exercises that give me not only loads of confidence, but keeps my upper body strong & toned.

Start in plank

Then lower yourself slowly downwards, stopping about half way down. This can be done on your knees to help keep the back straight, and do not forget the core strength!!

Push yourself back up to plank with an exhale, then press back into a down dog. Repeat 10 times & say goodbye to beach shy!

And this can also be found in the Print & Save section!

Hard Core Planking

The key to a strong core is control and total involvement of all your muscles not just the ones you think about being your “six-pack”     What is the biggest excuse that I hear from my clients on why they haven’t done anything active since the last time I saw them? “I don’t have the time.” I call shenanigans... this is a quick workout that you can do anytime, anywhere (don’t challenge me I have seriously done plank in a library studying for finals because I was getting cabin fever, I’m super cool like that?!).

    Hold each for as long as you can and you have yourself at least something that you did for you! Or if you have 5 minutes on your hands do my full plank series! 

    Enjoy what you do!


Traditional plank: goal 30 seconds

Float one foot back - 3-legged plank: goal 30 seconds

Draw knee into your forehead: goal 15 seconds

Push back into that 3-legged plank: goal 30 seconds

Cross the knee over to opposite elbow: goal 15 seconds

Drop down to a dolphin plank or low plank: goal 30 seconds

And you know you have to do it on the other side too right? 


Enjoy!!!! :) Keep planking you crazy kids!





















Balancing your way to a stronger core

    So one of my favorite ways to engage my core is through a series of balance intensive exercises & today was no different. Try going as seamlessly through each step as possible, taking breaks when you need to. Word to the wise...BREATHE! I promise it helps. It also helps you keep track of how long you are holding each pose.

    Start off in table-top on all fours. Then extend your left foot behind you. Keep the foot flexed and engage through your core, the low back should be fully supported by the abdominals. If you are challenged enough there, stay, if you need something extra extend your right hand in front of you, here I am showing a variation of placing the right hand behind the back. 

    If you have extended your right hand, place it back onto the floor, curl the right toes under and push yourself back into a down-dog split or one legged pike. Be sure to keep the hips parallel to each other while you engage through the glutes to keep the leg there. It does not matter how high up you get as long as you are actively reaching out of your left heel.

    Keep that reach in the heel as you lower yourself down into a 3-legged plank. If this is too intensive on your abs, or if it ever aggravates the back please place the foot down for plank. Remember to breathe and try to stay in each position for at least 5 strong, big breaths.  

    However gracefully bring yourself into a side plank. Whether you decide to bring yourself to an elbow, keep both feet on the floor, or choose a variation that suits you best...make it your own and LOVE it. In 5 breaths you are done and can repeat it on the opposite side! I promising smiling helps :)

Print it out and keep it with you! Balance-2-Go 



















Make it Your Own Workout!

Doesn’t matter if you are just starting your fitness routine or have been doing it for years you can get a great workout with this one progressive video! 10 minutes to glory! I love showcasing workouts like this, it doesn’t matter if you are a neophyte or a veteran you can follow along and customize a workout that fits you :) How this workout works is I do three progressive exercises back-to-back, if you are new to this repeat the first modification three times, if you want a bit more progress to the next level with me, if you are challenged enough there keep with it for the last round or again progress with me. If you ever need to back off go for it, listen to your body, I just guide you a bit. Enjoy guys!!

First Up Lunges:

Basic Lunge on either side, 10 reps each

Basic Lunge with a knee up, 10 reps on each side

Basic Lunge with a knee up into a push-up, 10 reps on each side


Squats/Get ups (grab a chair)

With both feet on the ground, 10 reps

Single leg, 10 reps on each side

Single leg with a jump, 10 reps on each side



about 10 -20 seconds each either on your knees, legs extended, or a knee cross crunch


On your knees, tricep push-ups, 10 reps

Legs extended, tricep push-ups, 10 reps

Traditional push-up (arms a bit wider and targeting chest) into a side plank, 10 reps

Watch the full video here!!


Pilates Time!

Some people may think of “core” as a synonymous word for “abs.” That is not entirely true...half right but think of core as encompassing your front, back and sides of your mid-section. If you are currently wired to think that a good “core” workout consists of 100 crunches through it out the window! You will not do a single crunch today and I promise you will feel the burn more!!! Hip series: Pilates time! For myself I did not see real transformations in my body until I started doing Pilates. It was just that style that worked for me and I began to feel better & stronger way before those results came to the surface. Starting with the position pictured below: flex the foot and lift straight to the sky (watch the big toe that it is either facing straight forward or slightly downward)-10 reps. Turn the big-toe slightly downward towards the floor and repeat those 10 reps lifting your outer ankle bone towards the sky. Last thing I promise: point the toes and make a small little circle with the leg (keep the glutes squeezed so the hips are not the source of the rotation) 8 reps in one direction and 8 in the other. Shake it out. Repeat on opposite side. 

Dolphin plank - hold for at least 30 seconds. Without releasing/dropping down spin to the outside of left foot and lift your right arm towards the sky for a side plank- 20 seconds and without dropping down switch to the opposite side (repeat 3 times on each side).

For added difficulty lift the top leg while you hold your side plank

   Ending with bridges that not only tone the glutes and hamstrings but also engage the low back as well. Begin with your feet firmly planted on the floor, lift the hips towards the sky and hold for at least 30 seconds. If this is too easy for you place all of your weight on your right leg and extend the left towards the sky. Slowly lower the left leg so that both thighs are in line and again lift the leg towards the sky- 10 reps on each side.

Hope you enjoyed! Live Life Actively!!!