Pilates Time!

Some people may think of “core” as a synonymous word for “abs.” That is not entirely true...half right but think of core as encompassing your front, back and sides of your mid-section. If you are currently wired to think that a good “core” workout consists of 100 crunches through it out the window! You will not do a single crunch today and I promise you will feel the burn more!!! Hip series: Pilates time! For myself I did not see real transformations in my body until I started doing Pilates. It was just that style that worked for me and I began to feel better & stronger way before those results came to the surface. Starting with the position pictured below: flex the foot and lift straight to the sky (watch the big toe that it is either facing straight forward or slightly downward)-10 reps. Turn the big-toe slightly downward towards the floor and repeat those 10 reps lifting your outer ankle bone towards the sky. Last thing I promise: point the toes and make a small little circle with the leg (keep the glutes squeezed so the hips are not the source of the rotation) 8 reps in one direction and 8 in the other. Shake it out. Repeat on opposite side. 

Dolphin plank - hold for at least 30 seconds. Without releasing/dropping down spin to the outside of left foot and lift your right arm towards the sky for a side plank- 20 seconds and without dropping down switch to the opposite side (repeat 3 times on each side).

For added difficulty lift the top leg while you hold your side plank

   Ending with bridges that not only tone the glutes and hamstrings but also engage the low back as well. Begin with your feet firmly planted on the floor, lift the hips towards the sky and hold for at least 30 seconds. If this is too easy for you place all of your weight on your right leg and extend the left towards the sky. Slowly lower the left leg so that both thighs are in line and again lift the leg towards the sky- 10 reps on each side.

Hope you enjoyed! Live Life Actively!!!