A little Burn with that Stretch

These days have been packed with a lot of studying (like A LOT)! Qualifying exams are NO JOKE! So I have found myself needing to sneak in workouts here and there just to keep sane. While I cannot always get to the studio early for some me time, it is a nice luxury when I can...but you do not need a barre to get a great barre workout at home. Grab a chair, countertop, or a wall an let's get to it! 

Extension & Strength

4 rounds through:

20 plies in 1st (heels together)

Hold at the bottom (knees bent) and 20 bent knee releves (lift your heels)

With the heels high deepen your plie 20 times

Straighten the legs, lower the heels, and step one foot back into a curtsy - 20 curtsy lunges

From your curtsy lunge - lift to a passe (back toe taps the opposite knee) and back to the floor 20x

Repeat on opposite side  


Back to studying! later!