Sun is Shining

Today marks one of the first days that the sun is shining and it feels like Spring, finally! As my husband and I were going through Davis Square, it was so great to see the world come out of hibernation and start to move around. Biking, running, walking around...amazing! I have been going over the art of "people watching" with my UMass students, looking at posture as well as looking at people's feet: pronated, supinated, what shoes do they prefer on work days/weekends. I say it time and again...the human body is so cool! 

Take care of your tootsies! Especially great convo for a Sunday, my barefoot recovery routine includes rolling my feet with a lacrosse ball (why lax? pretty much because I come from a big lax family and have loads of balls around) but I do not stop at my feet...the calves are just as important! Take the ball and get into the center of the calf, the soleus, 5 ankle circles one direction and repeat in the opposite. Then repeat on the outter (lateral) gastroc and the inner (medial). Certainly the best way to start feeling as good as it's beginning to look outside!