A Tribute to Beauty

In my book true evil is when someone takes beauty out of the world. The Prue’s accomplished this on March 25th when they ended the life of a young, beautiful, and talented woman. This is in dedication to her

Very few people touch the lives of so many the way high school teacher and coach Melissa Jenkins did. In the week following her death there have been countless stories of this beautiful and inspirational person. I myself had only the blessing to meet her a handful of times, yet still felt a powerful desire to help. The way I handle intense emotion is through moving my body, it clears my head and allows me to make some sense of what I am feeling. I put together a short workout of some of my favorite Pilates exercises that I think exemplifies beauty.

Roll Ups:  Starting on your back gently roll up to a seated position. With shoulders back and abs engaged twist to one side. Return to center and roll yourself back to the starting point. Upon returning to the start roll back up and twist in the opposite direction. Repeat 10 times. 

This has got to be my favorite power beauty move!

A Mermaid Twist: begin in side plank (please note you can also do this exercise with you bottom knee placed on the floor- not shown). Take your raised hand and extend it under and behind while slightly lifting the hips (hip pike). Control yourself back to the starting position. 8-10 reps on either side.

3-legged pike to 3-legged plank

Begin in a downward facing dog or a pike (not shown), disengage one leg and extend it outward. Best practice is to reach out of your heel and try to keep your hips in line. Gently float down into plank with the leg still extended (can do this exercise with both feet firmly on the floor). This strengthens the core as well as the legs and upper body. The perfect end to my tribute workout.

I hope you enjoyed. Continue injecting beauty into this world :)